LC-XB20 LCD Projector

Key Features

  • 2000 ANSI Lumens, 85% uniformity, and 400:1 contrast ratio.
  • Weighs about 6 lbs! Footprint about the same as a sheet of paper!
  • 3 panel LCD imaging delivers a rich, color saturated picture.
  • True XGA resolution. SXGA, XGA, SVGA, and VGA compatible.
  • Quiet operation: fan noise as low as 36 dBA in Eco mode.
  • Smart data compression / expansion, and video scaling.
  • Convenient wide range (1.5:1) manual zoom and focus lens.
  • Preset image offset. Vertical and Horizontal digital keystone correction.
  • Accepts Composite, S, and Component Video in all major standards.
  • Displays both Regular 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9 ratio video formats.
  • Supports all HDTV resolutions. Converts Interlace to Progressive scan.
  • Variable Power Management option. Optional local or remote keylock.
  • DVI is HDCP compatible. Slideshow Page Up/Down on remote control.
  • Custom warm-up screen image option. Factory defaults reset.
  • Wireless remote with mouse and Laser pointer. 7X digital zoom.
  • 3 Year* Projector Warranty!

Included Accessories: Owner’s Manual. AC Power Cord. Lens Cover. VGA type Computer Input Cable (HD15 ~ DVI-I). Wireless Remote Control With Mouse and Laser Pointer & Batteries (AA x 2). Mouse cable for computer USB Port. Soft Carry Bag.

Optional Accessories: Replacement Lamp. Component Video Input Cable (HD15~3-RCA). MAC Adapter. MAC Monitor Cable. 9 Pin Serial cable for RS-232 communications. Executive Carry Case with Computer Compartment. Luggage-Style ("wheelie") Carrying Case with Wheels, Telescoping Handle, and Detachable Computer Compartment. ATA-Style Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle. Ceiling Mount. Ceiling Post and Plate. 33’ (10m) Extension Cable for Serial Cable. Multi Card Director system supports 1. Computerless Slide Show System. 2. Wired Network Projector Control. 3. Wi-Fi Content Delivery and Projector Control System. EZtrol Local Control. NPC-1 Network Control.

Specifications Overview

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Display Technology 3LCD
Brightness (ANSI) 2,000 Lumens /1,600 in Eco mode
Native Resolution 1024x768 (XGA)
Max. Computer Input SXGA
Max. Video Input 1080i
Contrast Ratio 400:1
Panel Size 0.79"
Lens Type (Throw:Width) 1.25~1.87:1
Anti Keystone Fixed Image Offset, Ratio (Top:Bottom) 9:1
Keystone Correction Digital: up to 40° up or down; up to 20° left or right
Inputs DVI-I x 1; HD15 x 1; RCA x 1; S-Video x 1;
MiniStereo x 1, RCA x 2 audio
Outputs HD15 x 1, MiniStereo x 1 (Variable)
Sound System 1 Watt; speaker: 1.1 in. (2.8 cm.) x 1
Network Control ---
Warranty 3 years
Lamp Life 2,000 hours
Lamp Part # 610 307 7925 / 610 309 2706
Fan Noise 36 dBA (in Eco mode)
Air Filter Standard
Maximum Pitch +/- 90°
Weight 6.2 lbs. (2.8 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # 0173-4274
LC-XB20 Cad Drawing173.4 KB
LC-XB20 Cad Drawing Dxf373.5 KB
LC-XB200 Cad Drawing335.0 KB
LC-XB200 Cad Drawing Dxf206.7 KB
LC-XB200A Cad Drawing68.9 KB
LC-XB200A Cad Drawing Dxf192.6 KB
LC-XB20 Color Data Sheet540.6 KB
LC-XB200 Color Data Sheet337.4 KB
LC-XB200A Color Data Sheet717.3 KB
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image BeautyLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Beauty3.4 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Beauty2LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Beauty23.6 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image BottomLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Bottom7.2 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image ConnectionsLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Connections3.5 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image ControlsLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Controls13.3 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image FiltersLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Filters5.5 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image FrontLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Front2.6 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Height AdjustLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Height Adjust4.2 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image LampLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Lamp4.1 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image RemoteLC-XB20 Hi-res Image Remote1.4 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Side1LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Side12.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Side2LC-XB20 Hi-res Image Side22.2 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Beauty1LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Beauty15.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Beauty2LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Beauty25.8 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image BottomLC-XB200 Hi-res Image Bottom6.1 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image ConnectionsLC-XB200 Hi-res Image Connections5.2 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image FrontLC-XB200 Hi-res Image Front3.7 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image RemoteLC-XB200 Hi-res Image Remote3.9 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Side1LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Side14.8 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Side2LC-XB200 Hi-res Image Side24.8 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB200 Hi-res Image TopLC-XB200 Hi-res Image Top5.8 MBZIP, TIF
LC-XB20 Lens ChartLC-XB20 Lens Chart43.3 KBPDF
LC-XB200 Lens ChartLC-XB200 Lens Chart12.6 KBPDF
LC-XB200A Lens ChartLC-XB200A Lens Chart12.6 KBPDF
LC-XB20 Owners ManualLC-XB20 Owners Manual1.3 MBPDF
LC-XB200 Owners ManualLC-XB200 Owners Manual10.7 MBPDF
LC-XB200 PjNet Manager manualLC-XB200 PjNet Manager manual1.0 MBPDF
LC-XB200A Owners ManualLC-XB200A Owners Manual10.6 MBPDF
LC-XB200A PjNet Manager manualLC-XB200A PjNet Manager manual1.0 MBPDF
LC-XB20 Remote Control CodesLC-XB20 Remote Control Codes7.5 KBPDF
LC-XB200 Remote Control CodesLC-XB200 Remote Control Codes25.0 KBPDF
LC-XB200A Remote Control CodesLC-XB200A Remote Control Codes25.0 KBPDF
LC-XB20 RS-232 Control Software1.6 MB
LC-XB200 RS-232 Control Software1.4 MB
LC-XB200A RS-232 Control Software1.4 MB
LC-XB20 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XB20 RS-232 Basic Serial Commands8.1 KBPDF
LC-XB20 RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-XB20 RS-232 Extended Serial Commands1.3 MBPDF
LC-XB200 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XB200 RS-232 Basic Serial Commands206.2 KBPDF
LC-XB200 RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-XB200 RS-232 Extended Serial Commands465.8 KBPDF
LC-XB200A RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XB200A RS-232 Basic Serial Commands210.1 KBPDF
LC-XB200A RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-XB200A RS-232 Extended Serial Commands476.6 KBPDF
LC-XB20 SpecificationsLC-XB20 Specifications31.5 KBPDF
LC-XB200 SpecificationsLC-XB200 Specifications95.0 KBPDF
LC-XB200A SpecificationsLC-XB200A Specifications106.5 KBPDF

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