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EIKI Pro Switch 400S Image scaler / switcher


HQV™ Scaler–Switcher

$3,498.00 USD
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Harnessing the power of the ReonTM video processor, running state of the art HQV algorithms with expertly designed hardware and firmware from EIKI, ProSwitch400S is a highly flexible image scaler which provides stunning image quality for professional, broadcast and corporate AV users.



Owner's Manual
PDF icon with bullet PRO-SWITCH 400S User Manual 1-00
PDF, 960.51 KB


HQView Downloads


User Manuals

Please find links to the HQView range of manuals below.

HQView400 Series


HQView API Protocol

PC Software for HQView Range

Logo Updater V1-0 -Customer on screen display menu logo branding tool,

Note maximum bitmap image size is 56 x 26 pixels

maximum bitmap image size is 56 x 26 pixels


DiscoveryTool Version 1.0 (to allow HQView to be discovered on your network)

Please note, there is no remote control PC application software because HQView has an inbuilt web browser, so for remote control customers should obtain or set the IP address of their unit from the System>Network OSD menu page, then use their internet browser to browse to this address.  


Firmware for HQView Range

 Universal Updater Installer version 2.2.5

Install this application on your PC/laptop and choose your model below, to update the firmware on your HQView. Firmware revision history: HQView Firmware Release Notes

HQView400S Firmware Download



Specification Sheets

ProSwitch400S Specification Sheet Download Color Data Sheet

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