Contact EIKI Support

Required Information

So we know who to contact
So we can contact you.
Most problems are device specific. See the rating plate on the device.

Useful information to include:

  1. How it is used? (Portable/Desktop? Ceiling installed?)
  2. How it is connected to other devices? (Factory cable? Cable length?)
  3. What devices are connected when the problem occurs? (Laptop, Desktop Computer, DVD Player, Other source?)
  4. What you do? (The steps that bring you to the problem.)
  5. What happens? (Describe the problem.)

Additional Useful Information

Known problems may already have solutions.
In case we need to refer you to a Service Center or Dealer.
In case we need more info, or have troubleshooting suggestions.

  1. Make and model of other equipment involved.
  2. Last time the product worked normally.
  3. Anything that has changed since then. (ex: New computer, new operating system, new DVD player.)
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