Calibre HQView



LEDView730 & 770 ideal for Rental, Staging
Broadcast and Fixed Installations in
demanding environments.


LEDView720 & 725 for cost effective projects
such as Public Information, Retail, Conference
Venues, Mobile LED Trucks.


LEDView700 Series

4K LED Scaler-Switchers

 Stunning Image Quality
HQUltraFast 0.25 Input Switching
8 - 12 Inputs depending on model

Pixel Accurate Image Resizing
HQUltra Outstanding Scaling Down & Up
Low Latency Full Quality Processing
HDMI, Display Port, HDBaseT, DVI, 3G-SDI
4K50/60 In and Out
Support for Legacy Inputs
Genlock for Broadcast/Studio Use


church sanctuary

HQView600 Series
4K Presentation Scaler-Switchers

HQUltraFast Input Switching
8 - 12 Inputs depending on model
HDMI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT, DVI, 3G-SDI
Outstanding Scaling Down & Up
4K50/60 In & Out
Legacy Inputs VGA, Composite, YPbPr
Outstanding HQUltra image scaling
Analogue Audio
Mic Mixer option
30W RMS Power Amplifier option
H.264 Streaming Video input option
Low Latency for IMAG use

HQUltra provides you with easy transition between different generations of sources and displays by seamlessly
interfacing between 4K, HD, VESA and even SD signals.









Education, Corporate AV, Hotel AV, Training rooms,
Live Events, Broadcast, IMAG



Calibre HQView Line-up

HQView 4K Image Processing

Next generation Ultra-HD and 4K image processing has arrived with HQUltra Video Processors. Using Calibre's in-house video processing algorithms to deliver best in class solutions, HQUltra provides seamless interface between the worlds of HD and 4K. Providing the ultimate scaler-switcher solution, Calibre's HQUltraFast input switching technology is able to change inputs in approximately 0.25 seconds, yes, just a quarter of a second. ISE 2016 saw the launch of Calibre's first ever combined video and audio scaler-switchers. This new product type includes analogue and embedded audio switching, microphone inputs with mixer, balanced line-level outputs and integral 15W+15W RMS stereo power amplifier all within the 1U Enclosure. HQUltra scalers provide stunning image quality in demanding applications including professional AV, staging, broadcast, houses of worship, medical, corporate and education. For continued support of HD systems Calibre's respected HQView Reon™ based scalers also remain available with guaranteed availability until at least end 2018 to ensure continuity for existing users.

HQUltra 4K Scaler-Switchers

    • h770bbbwangledfrontweb-sm HQUltra700 series are universal blend & LED videowall image scalers based on Calibre’s proprietary classleading HQUltra 4K image processing technology. Calibre’s HQUltra 4K scaling provides best in class picture quality with low latency video processing. Multi-region high-bit-depth soft edge blend with black level correction for seamless soft-edge blending. For LED videowalls HQUltra700 Series have a special LED mode with per-edge pixel-accurate image sizing for fast pixel-perfect image alignment on LED videowalls.
    • 4k-hqview670rear-sm HQView600 series provides the fastest input switching in the world for a single channel scaler-switcher using HQUltraFast technology, with 4K HQUltra scaling capability including 4K50 & 4K60 in 4:2:0 format. Models are available with between 8 & 11 inputs including HDMI, DisplayPort and
      optional HDBaseT with 4K50/60 4:2:0 support as well as support for legacy inputs.
    • 4k-hqview670arear-sm HQView620 and HQView625 are Presentation Scaler-Switchers for house of worship, education, conference venues and medical applications. HQView625 includes an integral HDBaseT input and output.
    • hqview530anglefront_001-smHQView630 and HQView670 are Live Events Scaler-Switchers similar to HQView620 & HQView625 but with the addition of 3G-SDI inputs and output and with genlock capability for staging and broadcast live-in-camera use.

Watch: Tim Brooksbank discusses the new HQView670A at ISE 2016

HQView Reon™ HD ScalersSwitchers

      • HQView530 is a universal HD image scaler and scan converter. It has 3G-SDI input & output connectivity, genlock, pan/zoom/tilt and interlaced or progressive output capability, able to up, down or cross convert virtually all video signal formats. Powerful geometry correction is able to correct image shape and projector misalignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or by pin/barrel/rotation, or by keystone and rotation. An automatic portrait extraction mode is also provided. Professional grade 48-bit per pixel 4-sided soft edge blend provides seamless blending of multiple projectors using Calibre’s proprietary blend processor with 8-zone blending and 9-zone black level correction. HQView530 includes full warp mapping for projection onto curved and irregular surfaces and precise image alignment as well as including blend and geometry correction.
      • HQView325 is a highly flexible warp and blend scaler featuring 4-sided soft edge blend with multi-region black level correction for seamless blending of multiple projectors and full warp mapping support.
      • HQView300 Series provide geometry correction, blend and warp processing capabilities, but with DVI/HDMI, VGA Analog (via DVI-I) and Component Video connectivity only, housed in a compact package for installation behind a projector or in a control desk.
      • HQView210 & HQView100 convert 3G-SDI or Composite/S-Video into high resolution DVI/HDMI formats with powerful HQV algorithms for best possible image quality always. HQView210 includes geometry correction, rotation and portrait mode.

ISE 2014 Calibre UK Ltd Presents HQView325, HQView530 Image Scalers