Projector Synchronizing


During synchronization, LCD & DLP projectors are adjusted beyond the normal standard factory specifications. Therefore, a standard flat rate per projector will be charged according to standard cleaning/adjustment labor rates and will include the following action:

  1. Set-up projectors side by side for comparison.
  2. Each projector measured for light (lumens) output. (Must be close for a more accurate sync.)
  3. Each projector independently tested to verify factory specifications.
  4. Synchronizing includes various mechanical adjustments to the optical chassis and numerous electronic calibration adjustments such as black level, color, contrast and brightness.
  5. Adjust for focus/convergence. Test for proper operation.

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Large Projectors (Theatrical series, Powerhouse series) are $295.00 each

Medium Projectors (Boardroom/Conference room) are $195.00 each

Small projectors (all non-optional lens units) are NO LONGER SYNCHRONIZABLE.

Please allow up to a 2-day delay in shipping from time of request for color matching on NEW projectors. 


Note: Requests to synchronize older model projectors, which have been in normal or long term use, will additionally need New lamp(s) optical glass and major cleaning. Please consult with someone in service before quotes to customer on cost and/or feasibility on used projectors.

**There is no guarantee on used or older projectors**

Please feel free to contact the Eiki Service Department with any questions regarding your projector and which category you fall into.

John Schippers
Eiki International
Technical Service Support Manager
(800) 242-3454 ext.1813

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