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easyteach_logoSoftware Designed to make K-12 classrooms interactive.
Works with all projectors
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2885-4362 RM Easiteach Next Generation (one user) $ 375.00
RM Easiteach Next Generation
The essential software for the interactive classroom 
The award-winning RM Easiteach is now even better. Easiteach Next Generation is a complete whole-class teaching and learning application which puts the teacher in control for creating and delivering engaging lessons and resources. Teachers, as well as students, can use Easiteach Next Generation to create multi-modal activities that can include animation, video , sound, text, Flash files and hyperlinks all on one page. RM Easiteach Next Generation offers a new and improved design, providing intuitive navigation and easily accessible toolbars and widgets that allow you to easily and quickly create whole-class teaching activities to fit with specific learning objectives. RM Easiteach Next Generation provides the tools to help you get the most from your investment in whiteboards and other whole class teaching technologies. Built-in content packs provide a range of ready-made lessons in a range of topic areas or teachers can use the vast array of toolsets to create their own. With core tools for text, drawing and video combined with a growing range of curriculum-focused activity builders and widgets, RM Easiteach Next Generation makes it easy for teachers to create and deliver interactive lessons that will captivate4 and educate every student.
New Features and Benefits40 cross-curricular widgets (apps)Convenient tools for ELA, math, science and social studies activities, including:

  • Protractor
  • Number line creator
  • Equation generator
  • Graph creator
  • Voting tool
  • Writing challenge
  • Word search
  • Web browser
  • Scientific calculator
  • Place value cards

Over 250 ready-made activities
Curricular-based activities in math, ELA, science and social studies can be used as is or modified to suit particular classroom needs.

Media bank
Over 5,000 curriculum-based resources including over 70 videos.

Glass mode
Annotate on top of any web page of  application and import into Easiteach.

"My media bank"
Import your favorite images, video clips, sound files or documents to create your personalized multimedia bank.

Over 100 interactive Flash Activities
Including 85 Daydream Interactive Whiteboard Charts

Upload and download files from the global Easiteach community

Works on all interactive whiteboards, interactive slates and netbooks

Multi-touch support
Supports object manipulation on multi-touch devices

Record video and sound
Record directly onto a page or add them to your personal media bank.

Shape recognition tool
Draw shapes freehand on the screen and Easiteach transforms them into perfect shapes.

Apply actions to any item on a page, such as hide/reveal; link to a website, link to a page; link to another file.

Txt-to-speech capabilities
Type letters, words and sentences onto a page and listen to them being read back to you.

Accelerator bar
Change on objects color, line style, and transparency all with one click.

Windows 7 64-bit compatible.

easyteach_tools Use a keyword search or subject filter to find the most appropriate "app" from a constantly updated bank of mini-applications.
easiteach_protractorRM Easiteach Next Generation comes with a range of content lessons and activities in ELA, math, science and social studies.Please Contact:

Phone: 800-242-3454
FAX: 800-457-3454
E-mail: usa@eiki.com