Model - 8080A

List Price - $370.00


8080A Specifications

  • CD Player compatible with MP3 and WMA files
  • Net Weight = 8lbs. 1oz.
  • Shippping Weight = 47 lbs. (21.2 kg)
  • Shippping Weight (single unit) = 11 lbs.
  • Size: 460mm(H) x 790mm(W) x 520mm(D)

8080 Features

  • The 8080A's built-in CD player can play not only music CD's but also MP3 and WMA files
  • It is also compatible with CD-R and CD-RW discs


USB Recorder

• The built-in USB recorder can play MP3 and WMA files on the connected USB flash drive • It also converts audio data on a CD or cassette tape into the MP3 format and records it to the connected USB flash drive

Cassette Tape Recorder

  • The 8080A's built-in cassette recorder not only plays back audio on a tape, but also records tracks from the CD or the connected USB flash drive to a cassette tape


 Playback pitch (speed) control

• You can change the playback pitch  (speed) of tracks on the CD or USB flash drive in the range of -50% to +100% (frequency-corrected).
    Repeat, Program and Random Playback functions
• Repeat, Program and Random Playback functions are available during playback of tracks on a CD or USB flash drive


7W+7W high output amplifier

• The internal high-output amplifier can drive not only the built-in stereo speakers, but also external 4?+ speakers using Ø6.3mm standard plugs ( commercially available - not supplied by Eiki )

Five headphone jacks

  • Up to five headphones jacks ( using Ø6.3mm standard stereo plug ) can be used simultaneously


Microphone and AUX input connectors
• Three connectors can be used for mic mixing or mic sound amplification ( ONLY monaural dynamic mic w/ Ø3.5mm plug - do not use condenser type mic ) • Playback, pause and resume recording can be controlled via the remote switch on a connected microphone (optional) • The AUX input (monaural) enables you to connect the 8080A to an external device.

Robust design scheme

• A very robust product design facilitates years of reliable use in even demanding environments
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0190-7103 Stereo Headset $   9.95
8080 Owners Manual
8080 Owners Manual
8080 owners manual.pdf
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8080A Specifications
8080A Specifications
8080A Specifications.pdf
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Icon of 8080 Owners Manual8080 Owners Manual8080 Owners Manual1.2 MBPDF
Icon of 8080A Specifications8080A Specifications8080A specifications116.4 KBPDF
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