ek-610u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Talks About EK-610U Projector
6,000 ANSI Lumens, Interchangeable Lenses, HDBaseT read more →

ek-110u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Showcases EK-110U Projector
3,600 Lumens, 10,000 Hour Lamp Life read more →

ek-510u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Launches EK-510U Projector
5,000 ANSI Lumens, Interchangeable Lenses read more →

ek-815u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Explains EK-815U Projector
8,500 ANSI Lumens, Portrait Mode read more →

ek-450u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Unveils EK-450U Solid State LCD Projector
4,500 ANSI Lumens, Solid State Light Output read more →

ek-630u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Showcases EK-630U Projector
6,000 ANSI Lumens, Solid State Light Output read more →

ek-305u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Presents EK-305U Projector
5,000 ANSI Lumens, Corner Keystone read more →

ek-620u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Features EK-620U Projector
6,500 ANSI Lumens, Blue Phospher Laser read more →

ek-600u-thumb InfoComm 2017: Eiki Exhibits EK-600U Projector
6,000 ANSI Lumens, H/V Lens Shift read more →

Eisemann_43Sm Richardson, TX – May 2017… Recognized as one of the leading performing arts facilities serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts is home to entertainment and cultural activities that include dance, musical theater, concerts, corporate meetings, cultural celebrations and city functions ... read more →