LC-X800A LCD Projector

Outstanding Features

Our brightest projector to operate on “household” current, the EIKI® LC-X800A sports the same optical and input configuration features that have made Powerhouse series projectors legendary for large venue applications. New with the LC-X800A, 3LCD+One imaging adds discrete yellow control to high contrast inorganic imaging, for vivid color.

Key Features

  • 12,000 ANSI lumens bright with 90% uniformity and a 4000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Native XGA resolution. Compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA.
  • Supports analog and digital video input in all color standards up-to 1080p.
  • Durable inorganic 3-panel LCD imaging engine with a high contrast ratio.
  • 10-bit color processing. 3LCD+One imaging expands color richness.
  • Supplied without lens. Range of power zoom and focus lenses available.
  • Vertical and horizontal power lens shift and digital keystone correction.
  • Includes a full set of analog and digital computer and video inputs.
  • Optional input modules are available for customization, including dual SDI.
  • Optional network interface module for browser-based projection management.
  • Self-advancing cartridge air filter reduces maintenance: up-to 11,000 hour life.
  • Power lens shift travels down as well as up, making inversion unnecessary.
  • Mechanical shutter for true black screen in "No Show" mode.
  • Includes wireless/wired remote control.
  • 3 year/6000 hrs. (whichever comes first) projector warranty.

Included Accessories: Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual on CD-ROM, Power Cord, VGA Computer Input Cable (Dsub15 to Dsub15), Wireless/Wired Remote Control (with 2 AA Batteries), Wired Remote Cable (MiniStereo-MiniStereo), Color Management Software on CD-ROM, Lens Light Block Sheets x 3, Lens Adapter x 2, Lens Spacer, Lens Mounting Clamp.

Optional Accessories: Wideangle, Midrange and Telephoto Lenses, Replacement Lamps, Additional DVI-D & Dsub15 Input Module, Additional 5BNC/Video Input Module, DVI, Dsub15, 5BNC, and HD/SD-SDI Input Modules, ATA-Style Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle, Ceiling Mount, Ceiling Post & Plate, Network Interface Module.

Specifications Overview

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(Detailed black & white pdf specification sheet)

Display Technology 3LCD+One
Brightness (ANSI) 12,000 lumens
Native Resolution XGA (1024x768)
Max. Computer Input UXGA
Max. Video Input 1080p
Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Panel Size 1.8" (inorganic)
Lens Type (Throw:Width) Supplied without lens
Power Lens Shift U/D 50%; L/R 10%
Keystone Correction U/D 40º; L/R 20º
Inputs Dsub15 x 1 or DVI-D (w/HDCP); BNC x 5 or BNC x 3 or BNC x 1 or S-Video x 1; Empty module bay x 2
Outputs  ---
Sound System  ---
Network Control Wired LAN monitor & control and system management with optional module
Warranty 3 year/6000 hrs. (whichever comes first) projector warranty.
Lamp Life Up to 3,000 hours per lamp
Lamp Part # 610 341 9497 (2)
Fan Noise As low as 42 dBA
Air Filter Cartridge (up to 10,000 hours)
Maximum Pitch Up to 360°
Weight 60.85 lb (27.6 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # 0173-4325
LC-X800A Cad Drawing42.0 KB
LC-X800A Cad Drawing Dxf200.7 KB
LC-X800A Color Data Sheet879.1 KB
LC-X800A Hi-res Image Beauty1LC-X800A Hi-res Image Beauty19.6 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Hi-res Image Beauty2LC-X800A Hi-res Image Beauty210.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Hi-res Image ConnectionsLC-X800A Hi-res Image Connections10.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Hi-res Image FrontLC-X800A Hi-res Image Front8.5 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Hi-res Image RearLC-X800A Hi-res Image Rear8.8 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Hi-res Image Side1LC-X800A Hi-res Image Side18.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Hi-res Image Side2LC-X800A Hi-res Image Side27.6 MBZIP, TIF
LC-X800A Lens ChartLC-X800A Lens Chart41.5 KBPDF
LC-X800A Owners ManualLC-X800A Owners Manual7.6 MBPDF
LC-X800A Owners Manual Correction NoticeLC-X800A Owners Manual Correction Notice44.5 KBPDF
LC-X800A Remote Control CodesLC-X800A Remote Control Codes111.1 KBPDF
LC-X800A RS-232 Control Software1.4 MB
LC-X800A RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-X800A RS-232 Basic Serial Commands260.2 KBPDF
LC-X800A RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-X800A RS-232 Extended Serial Commands579.6 KBPDF
LC-X800A SpecificationsLC-X800A Specifications73.8 KBPDF

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610 341 9497 Lamp
610 341 9497 Lamp
Rated Power: 330W
Lamp type: NSHA
Life Expectancy: 3000h
Lamp Warranty: 6 months / 500h (whichever comes first)
(2) used in each projector
610 335 9830 Filter
610 335 9830 Filter
Replacement Filter Cartridge (Auto Rolling Filter)
945 044 0978 Lens
945 044 0978 Lens
Power Zoom & Focus FL:2.98″ ~ 3.84″ ( 75.7 ~ 97.5mm ) f:2.00 ~ 2.30
0001-4297 Lens
0001-4297 Lens
Manual Zoom & Focus FL: 2.75" ~ 5.00" ( 70.0 ~ 125.0mm ) f:2.0
0001-4261 Lens
0001-4261 Lens
Manual Zoom & Focus FL: 7.25″~12.38″ ( 184 ~ 314mm ) f:2.8
0001-4260 Lens
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Manual Zoom & Focus FL: 4.49″ ~ 7.72″ ( 114 ~ 196mm ) f:2.00
610 353 1342 Lens Adapter type 2
610 353 1342 Lens Adapter type 2
Quick Change Lens Mount Bracket ( for Type 2 lenses - old type
610 353 1335 lens adapter type 1
610 353 1335 lens adapter type 1
Quick Change Lens Mount Brkt ( Type 1 lenses - 4 hole outer side )
AH-72225A Module
AH-72225A Module
5 BNC / S-Video ( CV/Y, Pb, Pr )
AH-72223A Module
AH-72223A Module
DVI-D / D-sub 15 ( Sound: D-sub 15 pin )
AH-72217A Module
AH-72217A Module
HD / SD-SDI ( BNC x 3 ) ( Sound: N/A, Control: N/A) Max Resolution = HD 1080p
AH-72148A Module
AH-72148A Module
Network Module ( Sound: N/A, Control: RJ-45, D-Sub 9 Pin)
0183-4326 Shipping Case
0183-4326 Shipping Case
Shipping Case "Tilt & Roll" ( hard ATA type ) With Lens Storage Dim: 44" x 26" x 16" Net Weight: 61 lbs.
0173-4325 Ceiling Mount
0173-4325 Ceiling Mount
Heavy Duty Ceiling Projector Mount