LC-XNB3 LCD Projector

Key Features

  • Weighs less than 9 lbs! Footprint similar to a legal notepad!
  • 2000 ANSI Lumens, 85% uniformity, and 350:1 contrast ratio.
  • 3 panel LCD imaging delivers a rich, color saturated picture.
  • True XGA resolution. SXGA, XGA, SVGA, and VGA compatible.
  • Quiet operation: fan noise as low as 37 dBA.
  • Smart data compression / expansion, and video scaling.
  • Power zoom and focus. Digital keystone correction.
  • Wireless remote with mouse and Laser pointer. 7X digital zoom.
  • Accepts Composite, S, and Component Video in all major standards.
  • Displays both Regular 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9 ratio video formats.
  • Supports HDTV Input at 480i/p, 575i/p, 720p, 1035i, and 1080i.
  • 3 Year* Projector Warranty!

Included Accessories: Owner’s Manual. AC Power Cord. Lens Cover. VGA-type Computer Input Cable. Wireless Remote Control With Mouse and Laser Pointer & Batteries (AA x 2). Mouse cable for computer PS/2 Port. Soft Carry Bag. Optional Accessories: Replacement Lamp. MAC Adapter. MAC Monitor Cable. 9 Pin Serial cable for mouse & RS-232 communications. Mouse cable for ADB port. Executive Carry Case with Computer Compartment. Luggage-Style ("wheelie") Carrying Case with Wheels, Telescoping Handle, and Detachable Computer Compartment. ATA-Style Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle. Ceiling Mount. Ceiling Post and Plate. 33’ (10m) Mouse Extension Cable for Control Port. Computerless Slide Show (MCI) Attachment (includes attachment, manual, software, Compact Flash adapter & 16 MB CF card).

Specifications Overview

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(Download a detailed black & white pdf specification sheet)

Display Technology 3LCD
Brightness (ANSI) 2000 lumens
Native Resolution XGA (1024x768)
Max. Computer Input SXGA
Max. Video Input 1080i
Contrast Ratio 250:1
Panel Size 0.9” PolySilicon active matrix TFT Panels
Lens (Throw:Width) 2.02~2.61:1
Power Lens Shift Fixed Image Offset, Ratio (Top:Bottom) 9:1
Keystone Correction Digital: U/D 20°
Inputs  Dsub15 x 2; DVI-D x 1; S-Video x 1; Stereo: MiniStereo x 1;RCA x 3; RCA x 2;
Outputs Audio Output: Line - RCA x 2 (L&R)
Sound System Mono: 1 Watt RMS
Built in Speakers - 1.58 x 1.18 in. (4 x 3 cm.) x 1
Network Control --
Warranty 3 year/6000 hrs. (whichever comes first) projector warranty.
Lamp Life Up to 2,000 hours
Lamp Part # 610 293 2751
Fan Noise 37 dBA
Air Filter --
Maximum Pitch +/- 20°
Weight 8.6 lbs. (3.9 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # --
Icon of LC-XNB3 Cad DrawingLC-XNB3 Cad Drawing0.3 MB
Icon of LC-XNB3 Cad Drawing DxfLC-XNB3 Cad Drawing Dxf0.8 MB
Icon of LC-XNB3S Cad DrawingLC-XNB3S Cad Drawing0.3 MB
Icon of LC-XNB3S Cad Drawing DxfLC-XNB3S Cad Drawing Dxf0.7 MB
Icon of LC-XNB3500N Color Data SheetLC-XNB3500N Color Data SheetLC-XNB3500N Color Data Sheet0.2 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3 Lens ChartLC-XNB3 Lens ChartLC-XNB3 Lens Chart13 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3500N Lens ChartLC-XNB3500N Lens ChartLC-XNB3500N Lens Chart12 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3S Lens ChartLC-XNB3S Lens ChartLC-XNB3S Lens Chart13 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3 Owners ManualLC-XNB3 Owners ManualLC-XNB3 Owners Manual0.8 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3500N Owners ManualLC-XNB3500N Owners ManualLC-XNB3500N Owners Manual7.7 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3S Owners ManualLC-XNB3S Owners ManualLC-XNB3S Owners Manual0.7 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3500N Remote Control CodesLC-XNB3500N Remote Control CodesLC-XNB3500N remote control codes0.2 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3S RS-232 Control SoftwareLC-XNB3S RS-232 Control Software1.5 MB
Icon of LC-XNB3 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XNB3 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XNB3 RS-232 Basic Serial Commands11 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3500N RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XNB3500N RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XNB3500N RS-232 Basic Serial Commands3.5 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3S RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XNB3S RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XNB3S RS-232 Basic Serial Commands11 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3 SpecificationsLC-XNB3 SpecificationsLC-XNB3 Specifications50 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3500N SpecificationsLC-XNB3500N SpecificationsLC-XNB3500N Specifications62 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XNB3S SpecificationsLC-XNB3S SpecificationsLC-XNB3S Specifications48 KBPDF

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