LC-W5 LCD Projector

Here's true widescreen data and video projection, with high brightness and contrast, and all the color only 3 panel LCD imaging can provide.

  • 6,000 ANSI lumens bright with 90% uniformity and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Real high-definition resolution-1366x800 pixels (WXGA)-covers XGA and 720p.
  • Compatible with Normal and Widescreen input resolutions up to UXGA and 1080p.
  • Supports both analog and digital computer and video input in all color standards.
  • Four inputs, including two (unpopulated) module bays. Optional modules available.
  • A wide range of optional lenses is available. Projects images up to 400" diagonal.
  • Includes both vertical and horizontal lens shift, for optimal projector positioning.
  • 10 bit color processing for superior color reproduction.
  • Mechanical shutter for true black screen no show.
  • Durable inorganic LCD panels permit extended use.
  • Self-advancing 10-exposure cartridge air filter reduces maintenance.
  • Top-accessed filter cartridge and lamphouse permits easy maintenance.
  • Wireless/wired remote control. Full RS-232 compatibility. Optional network control.
  • 3 Year Projector Warranty.

Included Accessories: Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual on CD-ROM, Power Cord, VGA Computer Input Cable (Dsub15 to Dsub15), Wireless/Wired, Remote Control (with 2 AA Batteries), Wired Remote Cable (MiniStereo-MiniStereo), Color Management Software on CD-ROM, Lens Light Block Sheets x 3, Lens Adapter x 2, Lens Spacer, Lens Mounting Clamp

Optional Accessories: Wideangle, Midrange and Telephoto Lenses, Replacement Lamps, Additional DVI-D & Dsub15 Input Module, Additional, 5BNC/Video Input Module, DVI, Dsub15, 5BNC, and HD/SD-SDI Input Modules, Network Control Module, ATA-Style Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle, Ceiling Mount, Ceiling Post & Plate.

Specifications Overview

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(Download a detailed black & white pdf specification sheet)

Display Technology 3LCD
Brightness (ANSI) up-to 6,000 ANSI Lumens (with AH-22051 lens)
Native Resolution WXGA (1366x800)
Max. Computer Input WXGA
Max. Video Input 1080p
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Panel Size 1.22" (inorganic)
Lens Type (Throw:Width) Supplied without lens
Power Lens Shift up-to 88% Up or Down; up-to 13% Left or Right
Keystone Correction Digital: up-to 40° Up/Down; Digital: up-to 20° Left/Right
Inputs HD15 x 1 or DVI-D (w/HDCP) x 1; BNC x 5 or BNC x 3 or
BNC x 1 or S-Video x1;
Empty module bays x 2
Outputs -
Sound System -
Network Control Wired LAN monitor & control and system management with optional module
Warranty 3 years
Lamp Life Up to 3,000 hours per lamp
Lamp Part # 610 337 0262 (2)
Fan Noise As low as 50 dBa
Air Filter Cartridge (10,000 hours)
Maximum Pitch Up to 360º
Weight 60.85 lb (27.6 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # 0173-4325
LC-W5 Cad Drawing Dxf215.7 KB
LC-W5 Color Data Sheet540.4 KB
LC-W5 Hi-res Image Beauty1LC-W5 Hi-res Image Beauty19.6 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image Beauty2LC-W5 Hi-res Image Beauty210.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image BottomLC-W5 Hi-res Image Bottom10.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image ConnectionsLC-W5 Hi-res Image Connections10.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image FilterLC-W5 Hi-res Image Filter10.4 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image Filter1LC-W5 Hi-res Image Filter111.3 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image FrontLC-W5 Hi-res Image Front8.5 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image LampsLC-W5 Hi-res Image Lamps13.1 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image RearLC-W5 Hi-res Image Rear8.8 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image RemoteLC-W5 Hi-res Image Remote8.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image Side1LC-W5 Hi-res Image Side18.0 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image Side2LC-W5 Hi-res Image Side27.6 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Hi-res Image TopLC-W5 Hi-res Image Top7.3 MBZIP, TIF
LC-W5 Lens ChartLC-W5 Lens Chart43.2 KBPDF
LC-W5 Lens Installation ManualLC-W5 Lens Installation Manual5.7 MBPDF
LC-W5 Owners ManualLC-W5 Owners Manual4.6 MBPDF
LC-W5 Remote Control CodesLC-W5 Remote Control Codes68.3 KBPDF
LC-W5 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-W5 RS-232 Basic Serial Commands202.8 KBPDF
LC-W5 RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-W5 RS-232 Extended Serial Commands437.8 KBPDF
LC-W5 SpecificationsLC-W5 Specifications32.7 KBPDF

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0183-4326 Shipping Case
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