Projectors have built in status indicator LEDs that are useful when troubleshooting.

When the LEDs are flashing, they indicate that there is an abnormal condition that needs to be corrected.

Consult the "Indicators and Projector Condition" section in the owner's manual appendix for your projector to interpret the meaning of the LEDs. You can download the owner's manual for your projector here.

If more information than provided here is required, you can request support here.

A projector has built in sensors that monitor:

  1. Air filter status
  2. Air temperature
  3. Lamp status
  4. Internal functionality

In order to prevent serious damage to the projector, these sensors will turn off the lamp and put the projector in standby mode or failure mode.

Filter Warning

When the air filter sensor detects the filter is clogged, reaches a time set in the timer setting or reaches the end of the filter scrolls, the LED indicator will turn on indicating the filter should be replaced or cleaned depending on the model. If replacing an air filter cartridge, reset the filter counter and scroll counter in addition to replacing the air filter cartridge. In projectors with non-scrolling filters, clean the filter and then reset the filter counter.

Abnormal Temperature Protection

If the temperature inside the projector rises too high, the temperature sensor will automatically turn off the lamp and the STATUS indicator(s) will start blinking. Follow the troubleshooting suggestions in the owner's manual.

Lamp Status

When the projection lamp reaches its end of life, the LAMP REPLACE LED turns on. When this indicator lights, replace the projection lamp with a new one promptly and reset the lamp counter according to the projector model.

Critical Shutdown

When the projector has an internal failure, the projector will completely shut off with either a combination of LEDs flashing or a solid warning LED depending on the model. The projector can not be restarted unless the power cord is disconnected from the projector and then reconnected. When this happens, call the Eiki technical support line at 1 (800) 242-3454 option 4 for assistance.