Maintenance and Care

When the projector detects an abnormal condition, it will be automatically shut down to protect the inside components of the projector.

In this case, the LAMP indicator light will come on and other indicators will begin to blink. To confirm whether or not there is a problem, unplug the AC power cord then, plug it in again and then turn the projector on once again to verify operation. If the projector cannot be turned on and the indicators are still lighting and blinking, unplug the AC power cord and contact your EIKI dealer.

When the filter replacement icon keeps appearing on the screen when turning on the projector and no action is taken to replace the filter, the projector will be automatically shut down.

When the temperature inside the projector reaches a certain level, the projector will be automatically shut down.

If the temperature warning light is blinking, check:

  1. that there is appropriate space for the projector to be ventilated? Check the installing condition to see if the air vents of the projector are not blocked.
  2. if the projector been installed near an Air-Conditioning/Heating Duct or Vent? Move the installation of the projector away from the duct or vent.
  3. If the filter is clean? Replace the filter with a new one if necessary.

The filter prevents dust from accumulating on the optical elements inside the projector. Should the filter become clogged with dust particles, it will reduce cooling fans’ effectiveness and may result in internal heat buildup and adversely affect the life of the projector.