• The projector seems to be going through lamps much quicker than the original lamp.
  • I just replaced my lamp.
  • I purchased my lamp on line.


This is a common problem!

Only Eiki dealers sell factory lamps for Eiki projectors!

People buy 3rd party lamps because they can cost much less the factory lamps. With lamps you get what you pay for!

Eiki's support department regularly sees problems with 3rd party lamps such as low lumens, short lamp life, failing to work at all, exploding and damaging the projector. Beware of 3rd party lamps. They can damage ballasts, power supplies and cables.

Note: Installing a 3rd party lamp in an Eiki Projector voids the Projector Warranty!

For more information on problems with 3rd party lamps, please visit the following link,