Where applicable, EIKI provides manufacturer's numbers for cross reference on their lens charts. If you know the mfg number for a Sanyo lens, look for the corresponding number in the "Ref" column on the EIKI lens chart.

Lens Charts for EIKI projectors can be searched for, and located, on the EIKI website at https://www.eiki.com/lens-charts/.

Will Sanyo lenses from a PLC-ZM5000L projector fit EIKI's LC-WUL100A projector?

The mfg number of the "standard zoom lens" listed for Sanyo's PLC-ZM5000L is LNS-S20.

The "Ref" column on the EIKI lens chart for the LC-WUL100A lists a lens for "S20" (LNS-S20).lens x-ref




Therefore, the Sanyo lens with mfg number LNS-S20 can be used with EIKI's LC-WUL100A projector.

After further examination of the lens chart for EIKI's LC-WUL100A projector, it is determined that the following Sanyo lenses for the PLC-ZM5000L projector can be used with EIKI's LC-WUL100A projector.

lnss20 LNS-S20 AH-24741
Ref "S20"
lnsw20 LNS-W20 AH-24711
Ref "W20"
lnsw21 LNS-W21 AH-24721
Ref "W21"
lnst20 LNS-T20 AH-24771
Ref "T20"
lnst21 LNS-T21 AH-24781
Ref "T21"