LC-SX6 LCD Projector

Key Features

  • 5800 ANSI Lumens at 90% uniformity with a 1300:1 contrast ratio.
  • Native SXGA. Compatible with UXGA through VGA. Video Scaling.
  • Works on 120V AC power (15 amp circuit). No special wiring needed.
  • Projects images up to 33.3' wide (500" diagonal). Wide choice of lenses.
  • Some lenses feature memory. Improved Lens Installation System.
  • Compatible with most video signal input, including DVI, RGB, Y/C, DVD, HDTV.
  • Displays video 4:3 & 16:9 in NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC 4.43/PAL-M/PAL-N.
  • Improved progressive scan with HDTV at 1080i and 2-3 pulldown support.
  • 3 fixed inputs, two modular bays. Wide range of available modules.
  • Supplied software permits the preconfiguring of color adjustments.
  • Optional Network Control module permits network monitoring and control.
  • Stackable Cabinet Design.
  • 3 Year / 6000 Hr.* Warranty!

New Features

  1. Compatibility up to UXGA (1600x1200) & HDCP
  2. Touch-pad menu navigation on remote control
  3. Accepts computer USB Mouse for projector control
  4. 3 fixed inputs, 2 module bays
  5. Included Image Warp & Blending module
  6. RF Wireless / Wired remote control
  7. Built-in mechanical shutter. Custom warm-up screen image option
  8. PIN code security for Remote and Local control
  9. Key Lock, PJ Lock and USB Lock Security
  10. Advanced Network optional interface module
  11. Lens memory for shift, zoom, and focus with selected lenses
  12. Utilizes existing Powerhouse lenses (but different Throw:Width)

Included Accessories: Owner's Manual. AC Power Cord 10’ (3.m). VGA type Input Cable 6’ (1.8m) HD-15~HD-15. DVI Input Cable. DVI-D input cable 6' (1.8m). Wireless/wired Remote with Mouse Control & 2 x AA batteries and 1.5M wired remote cable. Lens light shield x 2. Dust Cover. Real Color Management Software. Advanced Screen Manger Software.

Optional Accessories: Telephoto, Midrange and Wideangle Lenses. Replacement Lamps. Additional DVI, 5 BNC and Y/C Input Modules. PC(HD15) Input Module. HD-SDI Input Module. SD-SDI Module. Dual SDI Module. Faroudja Upconverter Input Module. Advanced Network Module. Projector USB Key. Smoke Resist Box. Hard Shipping Case with wheels and telescoping handle. Ceiling Mount and Post & Plate. Long Life Lamp & Ballast Kit. Extra Long Life Lamp & Ballast Kit. Eztrol Local Control. NPC-1 Network Cantrol

Specifications Overview

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Display Technology 3LCD
Brightness (ANSI) 5,800 lumens
Native Resolution SXGA+ (1400x1050)
Max. Computer Input UXGA
Max. Video Input --
Contrast Ratio 1300:1
Panel Size 1.4" PolySilicon active matrix TFT Panels
Lens (Throw:Width) Changeable - Does not come with Lens
Power Lens Shift Ratio (T:B) 10:0~0:10; Ratio (L:R) 3:2~2:3
Keystone Correction Digital: U/D up-to 40º; L/R up-to 30º
Inputs Dsub15 x 1; DVI-D (w/ HDCP) x 1; BNC x 5; 3BNC; 1BNC; S-Video x 1;Empty module bay x 2;
Outputs Dsub15 x 1;
Sound System ---
Network Control --
Warranty 3 year/6000 hrs. (whichever comes first) projector warranty.
Lamp Life Up to 3,000 hours per lamp
Lamp Part # 610 315 7689 (2)
Fan Noise 42 dBA, 39 in Eco mode
Air Filter --
Maximum Pitch up-to 360° (max 20° tilt)
Weight 52.9 lbs. (24 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # --
Icon of LC-SX6 Cad Drawing DxfLC-SX6 Cad Drawing Dxf4.2 MB
Icon of LC-SX6 Cad Drawing Smoke Resistant BoxLC-SX6 Cad Drawing Smoke Resistant Box0.2 MB
Icon of LC-SX6 Cad Drawing Terminals CoveredLC-SX6 Cad Drawing Terminals Covered0.3 MB
Icon of LC-SX6 Cad Drawing Terminals ExposedLC-SX6 Cad Drawing Terminals Exposed0.4 MB
Icon of LC-SX6 Color Data SheetLC-SX6 Color Data SheetLC-SX6 Color Data Sheet0.3 MBPDF
Icon of LC-SX6 Lens ChartLC-SX6 Lens ChartLC-SX6 Lens Chart49 KBPDF
Icon of LC-SX6 Owners ManualLC-SX6 Owners ManualLC-SX6 Owners Manual4.4 MBPDF
Icon of LC-SX6 RS-232 Control SoftwareLC-SX6 RS-232 Control Software1.5 MB
Icon of LC-SX6 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-SX6 RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-SX6 RS-232 Basic Serial Commands0.8 MBPDF
Icon of LC-SX6 RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-SX6 RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-SX6 RS-232 Extended Serial Commands2.8 MBPDF
Icon of LC-SX6 SpecificationsLC-SX6 SpecificationsLC-SX6 Specifications36 KBPDF

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