projector-thmbEIKI offers the very latest in LCD and DLP™ data/video projection technology.

With an extensive array of ultra-portable, portable, fixed installation and large-venue multimedia projectors and accessories, EIKI has display and presentation solutions for education, worship, business and government.

Our 60+ years of projector know-how stands behind some of the most respected professionals in the industry: your EIKI Dealer ... the "pro" in projectors.read more →

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Eiki’s Bright and Crisp Projection Proves Ideal for Muskoka Woods: svconline.com/thewire/eiki-s… pic.twitter.com/d1gOMPfQqh

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Integrators: If you need to find an authorized Eiki dealer, please give our Dealer Locator a try. You’ll find it at: midland.eiki.com/wheretobuy/def…

For professional large venue installations, check out the Eiki EIP-UHS100 DLP® Projector. Learn more at: eiki.com/item/eiki-eip-…

Eiki International, Inc. has teamed up with Bankers Warranty Group to offer extended warranty coverage: More here: eiki.com/bwg-extended-w…

Do you have a question about Eiki projectors? Check out our FAQ! You might just find the answer here: eiki.com/faqs/

Does your project involve multiple Eiki projectors sharing the same image? ATEN video splitters may be the answer: eiki.com/aten-professio…

Attention customers! This is the last day on a 10% discount of all Eiki lamps and lenses. Learn more here: eiki.com

Looking for a versatile meeting room projector? Check out our Crestron and AMX compatible LC-XBS500 LCD projector: eiki.com/item/lc-xbs500/

Eiki’s LC-WAU200 HD Widescreen Projector is a super short throw model w/ network monitoring & control plus HDMI: eiki.com/item/lc-wau200/

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Professional Audio/ Video Solutions
Deliver the Ultimate Audio/ Video Experience
The ATEN Technologies VanCryst range of professional Audio/ Video systems delivers superior solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and give you the advantage of crystal clear audio and video quality
.read more →

Eiki Projector Mounts

chief mountWhen you want quick, secure & professional projector installations, speak to your authorized EIKI dealer for projector mounting solutions.read more →


audio-deck-thmbONKYO is one of the most respected names in high-quality audio/video sound systems, and is recognized as a leader in the THX® digital revolution.read more →

Marlin Financing

EIKI has teamed up with Marlin

Marlin Equipment Finance and EIKI have formed a strategic alliance to provide flexible financing for all EIKI customers. This alliance enhances the ability for EIKI customers to upgrade or deploy new projectors.

Visit EIKI's financial website page for financial quotes, contact and application information.read more →

Eiki International, Inc. has teamed up with Bankers Warranty Group aka BWG to offer some very convenient and economical options for extended warranty coverage.read more →

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