LC-XB29N LCD Projector


  • Micro Portable - Weighs less than 6 lbs! Footprint 1/3 smaller than a sheet of paper!
  • 2500 ANSI Lumens, 80% uniformity, up to 500:1 contrast ratio.
  • 3 panel LCD imaging delivers a rich, color saturated picture.
  • True XGA resolution.UXGA~ VGA, WXGA & MAC compatible.
  • Quiet operation: fan noise less than 30 dBA in Eco mode.
  • Smart data compression / expansion, and video scaling.
  • Convenient wide range (1.5+:1) manual zoom and focus lens.
  • Preset image offset. Vertical digital keystone correction.
  • Accepts Composite, S, and Component Video in all major standards.
  • Displays both Regular 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9 ratio video formats.
  • Supports most HDTV resolutions. Converts Interlace to Progressive scan.
  • Variable Power Management option. Optional local or remote keylock.
  • Custom warm-up screen image option. Factory defaults reset.
  • Wireless remote control. 16X digital zoom.
  • 3 Year Projector Warranty!

New Features

  1. Built-in RJ45 (100/10) Ethernet wired network projector control and content delivery via computer (PC-only Software).
  2. Optional 802.11 b/g adapter for wireless network projector control and content delivery via computer (PC-only Software).
  3. Optional USB computerless slideshow memory adapter (PC-only Software).
  4. Auto Input Search. Auto keystone correction.
  5. On-Screen Notification on startup: Filter Warning: Lamp Warning.

Included Accessories:

  • Projector & Network Owner's Manual.
  • AC Power Cord.
  • Lens Cover.
  • Soft Carry Bag.
  • CD Rom with software for Network functions.
  • VGA type Computer Input Cable (HD15 ~ DVI-I).
  • Mouse cable for computer USB Port.
  • Wireless Remote Control & Batteries (AAA x 2).

Optional LCD Projector Accessories:

  • Replacement Lamp.
  • Remote Control with Laser Pointer.
  • Component Video Input Cable (HD15~3-RCA).
  • DB9~Mini Din 8 cable for RS-232 control.
  • USB Memory Computerless Slideshow Adapter.
  • 802.11 b/g Wireless Projector Control & Content Delivery Adapter .
  • Luggage-Style ("wheelie") Carrying Case with Wheels, Telescoping Handle, and Detachable Computer Compartment.
  • ATA-Style Shipping Case with Wheels and Telescoping Handle.
  • Ceiling Mount.
  • Ceiling Post and Plate.
  • 33' (10m) Extension Cable for Serial Cable.
  • EZ-250 Local Control.

Specifications Overview

Display Technology 3LCD
Brightness (ANSI) 2500 Lumens
Native Resolution 1024x768 (XGA)
Max. Computer Input UXGA
Max. Video Input 1080i
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Panel Size 0.7"
Lens Type (Throw:Width) 1.38~2.15:1
Anti Keystone Fixed Image Offset, Ratio (Top:Bottom) 9:1
Keystone Correction Digital: up to 20° up or down
Inputs DVI-I x 1 (HD15 via supplied Input Cable); HD15 x 1, RCA x 1, S-Video x 1;
MiniStereo x 1, RCA x 2 audio
Outputs HD15 x 1, MiniStereo x 1
Sound System 1 Watt; speaker: 1.1 in. (2.8 cm.) x 1
Network Control Wired LAN network projector control and content delivery.
Optional WiFi wireless network projector control and content delivery.
Warranty 3 years
Lamp Life 3,000 hours
Lamp Part # 610 332 3855
Fan Noise As low as 30 dBA
Air Filter Standard
Maximum Pitch +/- 10°
Weight 5.7 lbs. (2.6 kg)
Ceiling Mount Part # 0173-4303
Icon of LC-XB29N Cad DrawingLC-XB29N Cad Drawing89 KB
Icon of LC-XB29N Cad Drawing DxfLC-XB29N Cad Drawing Dxf0.4 MB
Icon of LC-XB29N Color Data SheetLC-XB29N Color Data SheetLC-XB29N Color Data Sheet0.8 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XB29N Lens ChartLC-XB29N Lens ChartLC-XB29N Lens Chart15 KBPDF
Icon of LC-XB29N Network SoftwareLC-XB29N Network SoftwareLC-XB29N Network Software41.4 MBZIP
Icon of LC-XB29N Owners ManualLC-XB29N Owners ManualLC-XB29N Owners Manual2.7 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XB29N RS-232 Control SoftwareLC-XB29N RS-232 Control Software1.4 MB
Icon of LC-XB29N RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XB29N RS-232 Basic Serial CommandsLC-XB29N RS-232 Basic Serial Commands0.2 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XB29N RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-XB29N RS-232 Extended Serial CommandsLC-XB29N RS-232 Extended Serial Commands1.5 MBPDF
Icon of LC-XB29N SpecificationsLC-XB29N SpecificationsLC-XB29N Specifications36 KBPDF

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